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Born in Cancun, Mexico. August 17th 1988. Passionate about sports,films, photographies, nutrition, exploring outdoors, music and in minimizing his carbon foot print in the world.

Arly got injured in September 29th 2001. He broke his spinal cord while mountain bike
downhill training.

After 3 years of physical rehabilitation Arly got back to sports, trying almost every adaptive sport there is. Five years later Arly found his passion again in the mountain while skiing by monoskiing.

Nowadays two times Winter Paralympian athlete. One of the top skiers in the world, Arly is getting ready for the next Winter paralympics in PyeongChang 2018, chasing the first winter medal for Mexico.

In order to achieve this dream he works together with top world ski racing brands

Arly shares his inspiring life story thru the conferences directed to schools, companies and government from all over the world and thru vlogs an inside of his world.